ICT2016A Regional Phase

18 Jan, 2017

The Regional Phase of our program “ICT and Pedagogical Development 2016A” has started and is taking place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. On Tuesday the group visited the Sisovath High School in Phnom Penh - a New Generation School that will prepare the Youth for... Read more

Change Agent of the Year 2016

19 Dec, 2016

We are proud to announce that Dr. P. Kanagavel from India is the Change Agent of the Year 2016. Dr. P. Kanagavel was part of the LIFE Academy international training program on Wind Power Development and Use in 2011. He is selected as the Change Agent of the... Read more

EE2015B Regional Phase

11 Nov, 2016

  The regional phase of Efficient Energy Use and Planning 2015B, held in Cape Town, South Africa, was opened on November 8. On the second day, the group visited Enkhanini which is a low income housing area close to Stellenbosch where good energy practices... Read more

ICT2015C Regional Phase concludes in Uganda

19 Oct, 2016

During the last week the participants of ICT and Pedagogical Development 2015C attended the regional phase of their training program, in Kampala, Uganda.

Nominate Change Agent of the Year 2016

07 Oct, 2016

Please nominate someone you think should become Change Agent of the year 2016.  Last year, Fasika Minda from Ethiopia became Change Agent of the Year 2015.

Official Launch of the Green Building Council of Zimbabwe

30 Sep, 2016

Today is the official launch of the Green Building Council of Zimbabwe. It's an initiative of LIFE Academy Change Agents. "The Green Building Council of Zimbabwe is a non-profit, industry driven and member based organization that operates within the entire... Read more

Development of Educational Learning Resources and Free Software

23 Sep, 2016

On Wednesday we had the pleasure of having Christer Gundersen talk to ICT2016B. Christer Gundersen is a technology enthusiast who is passionate about openness and sharing, he works as the CTO for the Norwegian digital learning arena with a strong focus on the... Read more

Low-carbon project

19 Sep, 2016

We currently have an ongoing project called "Internationalization and growth among companies with products and services that contribute to low-carbon energy". A preliminary study is co-funded by Tillväxtverket and Region Värmland. Read more here: http://life.... Read more

ICT and Pedagogical Development 2016B Sweden Phase

08 Sep, 2016

September 6th was the first day of ICT2016B Sweden Phase, with participants from eight countries. Yesterday was a full day with lectures, study visit and the in the evening a visit to the governor of Värmland.

Sustainable Project Management Starts Today!

22 Aug, 2016

Today is the first day of our Sustainable Project Management program that will run for 1 week. The program takes place in Karlstad, Sweden.