Beijing LIFE Room

In December 2004, the "LIFE Room" was opened in the Xicheng District Library in Beijing.

The red and blue/yellow bands were cut by the Swedish ambassador, Mr Börje Ljunggren.The official name of the room is "Sino-Swedish Center for Cooperation on Sustainable Development". Xicheng District, in central Beijing, is one of the cooperation partners at the local level within the project "Sino-Swedish Cooperation Programme on Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development" carried out between Administrative Center for Chinese Agenda 21 (ACCA 21) and LIFE Academy, aiming at contributing to a sustainable development in China at the national, regional, and local level. Libraries often serve as local focus points for spreading of information and for creation of public awareness, especially in connection with the local work on sustainable development. The "LIFE Room" has been supported by the Swedish Embassy in Beijing through donations of literature about Sweden, in English as well as in Chinese. It is furnished with Swedish IKEA furniture. Xicheng District Library has carried out the construction of the room. Thus, the room itself can be considered as a small but interesting example of Sino-Swedish cooperation.