Change Agent of the Month - June 2015 - Mr. Samwel Kessy, Tanzania

It is now time to announce our Change Agent of the month for June 2015. 

One of our participants from the Wind Power Development and Use 2011 training program, Mr. Samwel Kessy from Tanzania is being selected as the Change Agent of the Month for June 2015.

Name: Samwel Kessy

Country: Tanzania

Organization: Tanzania Electrical Supply Company (TANESCO)

Change Project: Feasibility Study for the Karatu Wind Project

 The change project resulted in a completed feasibility study which provides a technical and economic evaluation of a third party developing a commercial wind energy power-generating project in Karatu area located in Manyara region. The feasibility study is being undertaken to encourage management level for implementation purpose, to open the room for public- private partnership as well as encouraging private investor who is interested in investing and implementing the wind energy project. The wind energy technology especially for large scale energy generation is new in Tanzania. The study has proven that the project is feasible and has a short payback period of about eight years. 

The study further resulted in installation of 6 hybrid windpower plants in the region of Manyara, Tanzania thus contributing to production of renewable energy in Tanzania. His commitment to his work and ability to inplement the knowledge he learnt from the training in Sweden is truly commendable.

It’s been a privilege to see his project from the start and we look forward to see even more in the future! LIFE Academy announces him as our Change Agent of the Month for June 2015 with great pride and honour! 

Thank you very much and we wish you all the best!