Change Agent of the Month - March 2015 - Aruna Awale, Nepal

LIFE Academy is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2015. It has been 20 years of remarkable growth – growth in our change agents, network, vision, effectiveness and credibility.

We would like to celebrate this tremendous milestone by recognizing our best achievement so far – Our Change Agents!  This is the first step in a series of celebratory activities which will culminate into a final celebration on 24 September 2015 in Karlstad, Sweden.

LIFE Academy has so far trained more than 1000 change agents in the field of sustainable development who in turn are continuing the change processes in their respective organizations and countries. During this remarkable moment, we would like to showcase some of the best change projects and recognize them for their fantastic work by announcing them as our “Change Agent of the Month.”

The first person who is being selected as the Change Agent of the Month for March 2015 is Ms. Aruna Awale from Nepal.

Name: Ms. Aruna Awale

Country: Nepal

Organization: Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, AEPC, Nepal

Change Project: Formulation of a wind energy policy for Nepal

The wind power development in Nepal was started in 2009 by Ms. Awale  with a formulation and development of a wind energy policy. Based on this, Ram Poudel /Pralhad Sapkota(WP2011B), Prakash Aryal (WP2013B) worked out a strategy, programs and activities for wind power development in the country.  As a result of their ambitious work, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) got interested in their plans and decided to support implementation of a number of small wind/solar hybrid projects in villages around the country. Responsible for implementation of some of these projects were then taken over by Mr. Prakash Aryal.

This is a huge contribution by Ms. Aruna Awale to her country Nepal and it is one of the most important moments for the country in spearheading the use of renewable energy sources to work towards reducing poverty and meeting its energy needs.

A big shout out to Ms. Aruna Awale, one of our best change agents! It is with great pride and honour that we declare her as our Change Agent of the Month for March 2015!

We wish you all the best and would like to thank you for your great work.