Change Agent of the Month - May 2015 - Mr. Alexandr Matrohin, Moldova

It is now time to announce our Change Agent of the month for May 2015. 

One of our participants from the Efficient Energy Use and Planning 2013C training program, Mr. Alexandr Matrohin from Moldova is being selected as the Change Agent of the Month for May 2015.

Name: Alexandr Matrohin

Country: Moldova

Organization: Association of Energy Auditors of Moldova

Change Project: Energy Efficient Street Lighting

The main objective of Mr. Alexandr Matrohins Change Porject was, and still is, to persuade local authorities to change old street lighting systems to modern ones- based on LED light. By utilizing today’s technology both the energy consumption and the operational/maintenance costs for street and road lighting can be heavily reduced.

This project is still ongoing but has already turned out very successful. The short term effects have been positive; 6200 lamps have been replaced, the illuminance level at those places have increased by 200 %, operation and maintenance savings is at 84/80 % and emission of CO2 will be reducing by 1745 t per year.

Mr. Alexandr Matrohin is well deserved to be Change Agent of the month. The work he's doing is truly inspiring. 

It’s been a privilege to see his project from the start and we look forward to see even more in the future! LIFE Academy announces him as our Change Agent of the Month for May 2015 with great pride and honour! 

Thank you very much and we wish you all the best!