Change Agent of the Year 2018

LIFE Academy is proud to announce Ms. Jackie Namakula from Uganda as the Change Agent of the Year 2018.

Ms. Jackie Namakula was part of the LIFE Academy international training program on ICT and Pedagogical Development 2016B. She is selected as the Change Agent of the Year for her dedicated work to integrate sustainable development at Mengo Senior School in Kampala, Uganda with an aim to become one of the first LIFE Schools on the African continent. Her work carried out together with her colleagues stands out as a good model for other schools with the same ambition. 

As the Change Agent of the Year, Ms. Jackie Namakula will be awarded 1000 US dollars to be used for further work at Mengo Senior School to become a LIFE School. The purpose is to encourage her ongoing work for sustainable development that results in true value for her organization and country. It is also to show a good example for others to be inspired to take action for sustainable solutions – to show that it is possible to make development happen that can improve the environment and living conditions for everybody.

We wish Ms. Jackie Namakula great success and luck in her continued endeavors for a sustainable development.  

General Information about Change Agents

A Change Agent is a person, trained by LIFE Academy to act for a sustainable development in their organization and country. There are more than one thousand LIFE Academy Change Agents in 80 countries all over the world that are part of the LIFE Academy global network.

The change agents create true value for their organizations and they have their focus on making changes that are sustainable, with a holistic approach taking both the environment, social and economic issues in consideration. 

In the work for our common sustainable future it is very important with role models that can inspire more people to take action for sustainable solutions. To encourage our role models, the change agents in our network, we award a Change Agent of the Year. In 2015, Ms. Fasika Minde was selected as the Change Agent of the year while in 2016, it was Dr. P. Kanagavel that secured the honor.