Cleantech Värmland meets Fossil-free Värmland

LIFE Foundation participated in conference Fosilfritt Värmland in January 2018 in Karlstad, Sweden. More than 200 people representing municipalities, companies and NGOs attended the event. The event has been a part of the swedish initiative 'Fossilfritt-Sverige' which aims to enable dialogue and cooperation between companies, municipalities and other relevant actors who want to make Sweden free of fossil fuels. 

The event focused on how welfare and profitability can increase as emissions decrease and how fossil free businesses can be profitable as well as the role of municipalities in pushing for fossil free development.

LIFE Foundation was one of several exhibitors and shared information about the project "Cleantech Värmland." We talked about the opportunity to work in new markets in developing countries to conduct business that leads to reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Cleantech Värmland: Together with 15 companies, 3 municipalities, and the clusters in Värmland, LIFE Foundation now works to establish a process that supports companies to reach new markets in developing countries. Thanks to the network of 1500 decision makers from 80 countries, the foundation has the opportunity to work with match making activities, based on the needs in the area of “green business.”