ICT Network Gathering at LIFE Academy

Yesterday, on March 11, we arranged a network meeting for some of our cooperation partners in our  'ICT and Pedagogical Development' program. Our guests were mainly from Karlstad University and TIME High School (Karlstad's international TIME education focuses on telecommunications, IT, media and entertainment).

The goal of this gathering was to stimulate new ideas and see how we can develop our cooperation together in the future. We explained and showed examples of how their contribution to our programs have inspired many of our participants to initiate various ICT activities in their home countries.

Tobias Härnvi from TIME informed us about two of his students who are, at the moment, visiting Zanzibar for a three week long internship at The State University of Zanzibar. This was made possible thanks to the connections made between the students and one of our participants, Hassan Ali, during a study visit at TIME.