ICT2016C's third week in Sweden

Last week was busy here at LIFE Academy with many different activities in the program ICT and Pedagogical Development 2016C. Study visits, group work and lectures as well as social activities were mixed throughout the week. In one workshop the group of participants managed to translate 2 children’s books into 13 different languages, in only 2 hours! This was a part of a piloting project speared by Christer Gundersen at NDLA, aiming at using open educational resources to make a global digital library, free of access to all. To see more and read about the workshop visit www.goopen.no. The group was also paid a visit by World Rally Championship winner Tina Thörner who gave an inspirational talk about how to overcome challenges and reach your goals even though the odds are against you. Tina has shattered many glass ceilings in her career and managed to change attitudes against women in male-dominated areas. She made history when as the first female co-driver teamed up with driver Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyha from the Middle East and they won the world cup together. Tina’s participation led to The Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation sponsoring a worldwide women’s cross country rally selection, making way for more women to participate in the sport. Read more about Tina’s visit at LIFE Academy here: http://blogg.tinathorner.se/2017/03/04/life-academy-ict-2016c/