Sustainable Project Management Seminar

On May 30, 2016, LIFE Academy held a seminar on sustainable project management in Karlstad. Local companies from Värmland were invited to discuss and to be inspired by the topic. Among the companies were Elvenite, Karlstad University, Nifa, Visit Värmland, Helmia, Paper Province, Sweconcept, MSB and New Ethics & Energy represented.


The seminar began with the Managing Director of LIFE Academy, Marlene Gustavsson, shortly describing how LIFE Academy is working to spread awareness of sustainable development. LIFE Academy has trained decision makers for more than 20 years and in more than 80 countries with programs in ICT and energy efficiency. One aim of this seminar was to strengthen the local network to generate more ideas and solutions on how we can act more sustainable.


- More and more people understand the importance of using the earth's resources in an efficient and fair way and therefore we see an increased potential to spread the knowledge by working together both locally and globally, says Marlene.


The seminar was held by Carl Göran Larsson (PMP, Project Management Institute, Inc.), who explained what sustainable project management is and why sustainable project management is so important. Overshoot Day, the day when we have used all the resources that the earth is able to renew in one year comes earlier every year. In 2014 the Overshoot Day was on August 19, in 2015 on August 13 and this year Overshoot Day is already on August 8. We need to rethink how sustainable our project models really are, and one way to improve them is by working with sustainable project management.

Most companies have a tendency to focus on Process and Product. Carl Göran believes that sustainable projects also include People, Planet and Profit. These five "P" is the basis of how we work in sustainable project management.


- I want to be able to look my grandchildren in the eyes and tell them that we did our best. And I really hope it will be good enough, says Carl Göran.

Carl Göran further refers to climate researcher Johan Rockström. It is not yet too late, we have not passed any doomsday. All we need to do is to control our growth to stay within the planetary boundaries. For the first time, we have a framework for growth, to eradicate poverty and hunger and to improve health.


Are you interested in learning more about sustainable project management? LIFE Academy conducts education in the subject on August 22 – 26, 2016. Learn more and apply for the training in Sustainable Project Management here