Win Lobbyist For Change-award

The Lobbyist For Change-award will be presented for the first time in July 2016. The award winner will be a person working for an organisation that – through lobbying – has achieved results in alleviating poverty and strengthening human rights. This, for example, could be by pushing through legislative changes in areas that improve the situation for people living in poverty.

The prize sum is 10 000 US Dollars. The winner of the award will be selected by a jury, which is to be appointed in the beginning of next year. Nominations can be made by civil society organisations throughout the world. 

Only individual persons can be nominated; but the person nominated must be affiliated to an organisation or a project. The prize money will be paid out to the project and/or organisation.

Only civil society and non government organisations can nominate candidates for the award. There are no restrictions against nominating people from your own organisations or organisations closely connected to your own.

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