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First Swedish LIFE School in Karlstad, Sweden

Yesterday LIFE Academy inaugurated the first Swedish LIFE School, Sundsta-Älvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad, Sweden.

During the past year LIFE Academy has been working together with the upper secondary school to plan and implement an Action Plan towards integration of Sustainable Development in teaching and learning as well as other school activities.

The concept of LIFE Schools builds upon engaging management, teachers, school staff and learners to work with Sustainable Development and the inauguration yesterday is a major milestone to celebrate their achievement of the planned activities thus far. We are proud and happy to continue our collaboration with Sundsta-Älvkullegymnasiet and wish them a great success.

Having LIFE School certification is a quality stamp for schools to show that they are working with Sustainable Development.

Picture: Magnus Köpman, LHU-Coordinator and teacher, hoists LIFE School-flag together with Therese Rosenblad and Sara Jansson from LIFE Academy.

Here is a short film on Sundsta-Älvkullegymnasiet’s students and teachers describing what it means to be a LIFE School for them: