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International exchange within renewable energy between Zambia and Värmland (Sweden)

In June, the project Sustainable Business Cleantech received visit from Zambia. The purpose of the delegation from Zambia was to learn more about the Swedish and Norwegian market in renewable energy and look into collaboration opportunities. 

Brian H M Makungo and Mwaba Matimba from Kafue Gorge Regional Training Center in Zambia together with Magnus Nilsson, Glava Energy Center.

Mwaba Matimba and Brian H M Makungo work at the Kafue Gorge Regional Training Center in Zambia which provides training in wind and hydro power, solar energy and energy technology in the countries of Southern Africa (SADC) and sub-Saharan regions. At present, they work with 27 African countries, but the number is steadily increasing. During their visit to Sweden, they met global companies in Stockholm and also visited Karlstad thanks to the good contact with LIFE Academy through Brian H M Makungo’s previous participation in LIFE’s training program in wind power.

Together with Martin Clemensson, the International Labor Organization, and project members from Sustainable Business Cleantech, they visited Glava Energy Center, which is an internationally leading test center for renewable energy solutions. Magnus Nilsson, CEO, talked about their work and gave a tour of the facility.

– At KGRTC we strive for a more sustainable operation and maintenance of our solar energy. We see that knowledge and skills from the testing business in Glava would be valuable for KGRTC, says Brian H M Makungo.

A few days later, they made a study visit to Rainpower’s turbine laboratory in Trondheim.

The coordinators of the meetings were Sustainable Business Cleantech and process manager Therese Rosenblad.

– In the Sustainable Business Cleantech project, we want to support Värmland’s companies to reach out internationally and specifically to the emerging markets. Therefore, these meetings were a very important opportunity for exchanging experiences and opening up further collaboration between both the companies and the countries, says Therese Rosenblad.

Visit at Rainpowers turbine laboratory in Trondheim.

About Sustainable Business Cleantech

Sustainable Business Cleantech is a project focusing on creating a model where local companies in Värmland may match national business interests on emerging markets. The ambition is to provide access to new green business opportunities and to implement sustainable skills, products and services based on the actual need for low carbon solutions.