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Technology from Karlstad (Sweden) to Botswana

Karlstad-based company Lumine LED AB has its own development and manufacturing of LED lighting for industry and public premises. Now, they are ready to export from Sweden to southern Africa. Recently, a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed between Lumine Led AB and the company Net Wing Services (Pty) Ltd in Botswana.Image

Hamid Yousefzadegan, CEO LumineLED, has signed an MOU with Net Wing Services (Pty) Ltd in Botswana.

– Our ambition has been to transfer our technology and set up a production- and sales unit in any emerging market. In this way, we can contribute to innovative technology, more jobs and a better environment. It feels extremely exciting to do so in Botswana with a well-known partner on site, says Hamid Yousefzadegan, CEO Lumine LED AB.

MoU was signed in March 2019. The agreement means that the parties will jointly investigate the conditions for establishing a new production- and sales unit in Botswana. The market that Lumine Led AB wants to achieve through the agreement is Sub Sahara Africa with the first focus on Botswana and South Africa.

”More green companies from Sweden in emerging markets”

Coordinator and developer of this agreement is the Sustainable Business Cleantech project run by the Karlstad company LIFE Foundation and funded by the EU Structural Funds. The unique part of this project, is the project owner’s active network of contacts in emerging countries – approximately 1500 contacts in 80 countries.  

– The emerging markets are a gigantic market for Swedish environmental technology companies, says Leif Andersson, process leader in the project. 

Sustainable Business Cleantech entails a new opportunity to overcome many of the informal barriers. 

– It feels meaningful and satisfying to be able to help Värmland’s companies to seek new business opportunities in emerging markets, says Leif Andersson. For modern environmental technology, the potential for long-term sustainable business is huge. 

– Through the project I have been given valuable help to reach good contacts and new knowledge about different markets. The energy savings and the reduced CO2 emissions that our technology entails are welcome everywhere. Therefore, we also want to contribute to the knowledge transfer required in the context, says Hamid Yousefzadegan.

About Sustainable Business Cleantech

Sustainable Business Cleantech is a project focusing on creating a model where local companies in Värmland may match national business interests on emerging markets. The ambition is to provide access to new green business opportunities and to implement sustainable skills, products and services based on the actual need for low carbon solutions.