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We met the governor of Värmland county

This week we met with the governor of Värmland county, Georg Andrén, in the central park of Karlstad. We discussed LIFE Academys background, goals and ongoing projects. The governor described his background and his intrested of our work and togehter we discussed what the future may hold for us working together. 

Staff of LIFE Academy and the governor of Värmland county

The governor of Värmland county has an intresting background most recently from the role of secretary general at Diakonia. He has also worked at for example Sida and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With this background and experince he showed great intrested in our work. 

Marlene Gustavsson, CEO, LIFE Academy and Georg Andrén, the governor of Värmland county.

The County Administrative Board and Agenda 2030

The governor of Värmland county described their work at the county administrative board. Sustainability is an important factor in their work and working with Agenda 2030 is one of the things that show that. This is one of the very promising reasons for us to work well together.  

For the County Administrative Board to work with Agenda 2030 means this, among other things:

  • ”work long-term to achieve the goals of Agenda 2030
  • cooperate with the county’s actors
  • disseminate information about the work on Agenda 2030 in the county
  • contribute to the implementation of Agenda 2030 in the county.”

Source of their work with Agenda 2030. 

Read more about the governor of Värmland county and the county administrative board here

Sara Jansson and Bo Gillgren.

LIFE Schools and Training Programes. 

Sara Jansson and Bo Gillberg described our work with the project LIFE Schools and our Training Programmes.

Urban Hermansson, Therese Rosenblad and Marlene Gustavsson.

Sustainable Business Cleantech

Urban Hermansson and Therese Rosenblad described the project Sustainable Business Cleantech. Our goals, what we have done so far and how we potentially could work together with the governor to reach further. 

Our meeting arrangement in the central park of Karlstad.