LIFE Academy's 20th Anniversary on 24th September 2015

25 Sep, 2015

Yesterday we had a great time celebrating our 20th anniversary together with partners and friends from companies, organizations, municipalities, universities. Participants from ICT2015B and EE2015A group from 13 different countries joined in the celebrations... Read more

LIFE Academy's 20th Anniversary today!

24 Sep, 2015

Today; 24th September 2015 is time for our big celebrationof LIFE Academy’s 20th Anniversary  Partners and friends from companies, organizations, municipals, universities and 13 different countries will attend the celebrations in Karlstad. The party is also... Read more

Transitioning from MDG to SDG

10 Sep, 2015

"15 years ago, the United Nations set out 8 Millennium Development Goals to tackle extreme poverty and improve people’s lives around the world. Today, 700 million people have been lifted from extreme poverty and 9 in 10 children are able to go to primary... Read more

Open Seminar! Leapfrogging Development through ICT: The Digital Bangladesh Journey

08 Sep, 2015

LIFE Academy; in cooperation with DSV, Stockholm is arranging an open seminar that presents projects carried out in Bangladesh with the support of ICT in education, as well as other areas.  A panel discussion will be followed by the open discussion. Date:... Read more

ICT2015B - Tina Thörner talks about Entrepreneurial Learning

02 Sep, 2015

Tuesday, 1st September 2015 marked the beginning of the Sweden phase of the training program, ICT and Pedagogical Development 2015. 29 participants from countries induding Bangladesh, Cambodia, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kosovo, Liberia, Tanzania... Read more

Change Agent of the Month - August 2015 - Ms. Chim Manavy, Cambodia

31 Aug, 2015

It is now time to announce our Change Agent of the month for August 2015.  One of our participants from the Information Technology Management (ITM) training program, Ms. Chim Manavy from Cambodia is being selected as the Change Agent of the Month for August... Read more

Solar driven airplane

20 Aug, 2015

Here’s a riddle for you: A plane flew for five days and nights, staying airborne for 118 hours. But it didn’t use a single drop of fuel. How? Click here to read more.  

Earth Overshoot Day: humanity exceeds nature's budget for 2015

13 Aug, 2015

In less than eight months, humanity has used up nature’s budget for the entire year, according to data from Global Footprint Network.   Earth Overshoot Day - this year falling on August 13 - marks the date when humanity’s annual demands on nature exceed what... Read more

Change Agent of the Month - July 2015 - Ms. Fasika Minda Melese, Ethiopia

09 Jul, 2015

It is now time to announce our Change Agent of the month for July 2015.  One of our participants from the ICT and Pedagogical Development 2014A training program, Ms. Fasika Minda Melese from Ethiopia is being selected as the Change Agent of the Month for July... Read more

China to cap rising emissions by 2030 in boost to Paris U.N. deal

02 Jul, 2015

China formally committed to halting the rise in its greenhouse gas emissions within the next 15 years and pledged on Tuesday to reduce the carbon intensity of its vast economy, in a much-anticipated strategy for United Nations climate talks. Click here to... Read more