EE2014A Regional Phase in New Delhi, India

09 Mar, 2015

Tuesday, 10th March 2015 marks the opening of regional phase for the Efficient Energy Use and Planning 2014A training program. The regional phase is being held in New Delhi, India from 10 - 19 March, 2015. This is phase 4 of the EE2014A training program and... Read more

Change Agent of the Month - March 2015 - Aruna Awale, Nepal

05 Mar, 2015

LIFE Academy is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2015. It has been 20 years of remarkable growth – growth in our change agents, network, vision, effectiveness and credibility. We would like to celebrate this tremendous milestone by recognizing our best... Read more

EE2014B building automobile replicas that run on Solar Energy

25 Feb, 2015

EE2014B built a replica of various forms of automobiles that can run on solar energy during a workshop in Sweden. The workshop was aimed to raise awareness on energy awareness and finding solutions in an innovative way that can lead to a Sustainabel... Read more

ICT4PD 2014C Visits an Upper Secondary School in Kil

17 Feb, 2015

On February 17 the group was on a study visit to Sannerudsskolan, a very modern secondary school in Kil. We were introduced to a modern way of working, and we could see some very interesting tools and techniques. Razia Begum from Bangladesh, is here seen... Read more

EE2014B - Study visit at Sjöstad and Heden

05 Feb, 2015

EE2014B participants visiting Sjöstad Sewage treatment plant and Heden Heat and Power production plant on 4th February in Karlstad. 

Efficient Energy Use and Planning 2014B - Sweden Phase

04 Feb, 2015

LIFE Academy inaugurated the Sweden phase for Efficient Energy Use and Planning 2014B training program on 3rd February 2015. 26 participants from various countries across Africa and Asia have come to Sweden to learn from Sweden's experience on energy... Read more

ICT for Pedagogical Development 2014C: First Day of the Sweden Phase

27 Jan, 2015

Marlene Gustavsson and Sara Jansson opened the Swedish Phase by presenting LIFE Academy and the Program. Later in the afternoon we had a very intersting lecture on "ICT in Education" by William Jobe from the University West.

ICT2014B at a Study visit in Rwanda

15 Jan, 2015

The participants of ICT 2014B training program visited University of Rwanda to learn about integration of ICT in the University's curriculum and take home knowledge about the University's best practices. Click here to read more...

ICT 2014B Regional Phase in Rwanda

13 Jan, 2015

The regional phase of the International Training Program ’ICT and Pedagogical Development 2014B’ is being held in Kigali, Rwanda from 12 – 17 January, 2015. This is the first time that LIFE Academy is arranging a regional phase in Rwanda. The program has been... Read more

LIFE Academy 2014, the year that was!

08 Jan, 2015

After a fabulous 2014, we now launch into 2015 with extra vigour and a busy schedule keeping in line with our mission to contribute to Sustainable Development of the world. We would like to share with you a glimpse of the year that was; through our Year Book... Read more