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Are you an ITM or ICT LIFE Academy Alumni? Look this way!

We have recently sent out an invitation to YOU and all other Alumni from the “ICT and Pedagogical Development” and “ITM- Information Technology Management” organised during the period 1999-2005 to a first network webinar.

Registration is now closed.

  • When? 10.00-11.30 CET (Swedish Time) on October 12, 2022
  • Where? Online via Zoom (link will be sent out after registration)

We take this opportunity since it is now 10 years since we launched our International Training Programme “ICT and Pedagogical Development” which was organised in collaboration between LIFE Academy and Stockholm University during the period 2012-2017.  

The Purpose of this Introductory Meeting

  • Strengthen the network, share gained experience, and sustain the lessons learned
  • Introduce you to several coming follow up activities during 2022 and 2023 including webinars on selected subjects and survey questionnaire to collect feedback, experiences, lessons learned, and prospects for the future
  • Stimulate new collaboration programmes and projects in the field of ICT and Sustainable Development
  • Share updates from LIFE Academy, Stockholm University and LIFE Alumni

More Details

After registration a Zoom invitation will be sent to you before the meeting with more details on the webinar. If you do not have the possibility to attend this first webinar but want to get information and invitation to coming network activities, please send us an email on

Kindly help us to share this invitation to any other LIFE Alumni from these programmes which you have had contact with, so that we together can further expand our active network.

With our best regards and hope to see you on October 12 between 10:00-11:30 CET (Swedish time)!

Bo Gillgren, Senior Officer

Sara Jansson, Project Manager

Louise Hellstadius, Communication Officer


Henrik Hansson, Professor in ICT

Vinayagum Chinapah, Professor Emeritus


Photo: Shutterstock.