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Get to know our new Project Manager – Oscar Kvamme

LIFE Academy is happy to announce that we now have a new member in our team! We say hi to Oscar Kvamme, new Project Manager at LIFE Academy. We have asked Oscar a few questions to get to know him better.

Oscar Kvamme, Project Manager at LIFE Academy.

Age: 31

Family: Girlfriend

Education: MSc in Business and Economics (Combined with French studies)

1. What did you work with before your new position at LIFE Academy?

I have a background within international humanitarian aid, as well as national crisis management. Before joining the LIFE Academy team, I was involved in the coordination of the regional Covid-19 response in Sweden.

2. How do you think you and your experience can contribute to LIFE Academy?

Having long experience from coordinating between different stakeholders in complex crisis and emergencies I hope do be able to add value to the team by keeping a holistic approach to what we do. The importance of integrating cross-cutting issues in our programmes are key aspects for a sustainable development.

3. What do you feel is an important contribution for a sustainable future?

Curiosity, compassion and self-awareness. Every now and then, try to reflect upon your values and see if you’re living in accordance with them. Old behavioural patterns might not be justified in the light of newfound knowledge. So, as we learn more, there is an opportunity to set a new direction.

4. What are your interests in your spare time?

All sorts of adventures. Trail running, hiking, creating music, photography.

5. Who would star in the movie about your life?

Owen Wilson, he is hilarious and a mellow guy. Would be a pleasant movie to watch. Hopefully, directed by Wes Anderson.

6. What would you bring to a desert island? Name one thing only.

My guitar.