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ICT2016C Sweden Phase has started

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Tuesday the 14th of February marked the first day of the Sweden Phase for ICT2016C, our last ICT-program. A total of 26 participants from 9 countries (Bangladesh, Bolivia, Kambodja, Etiopien, Kosovo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe) have been selected to participate and will during their time in Sweden experience study visits, lectures, group work and exchange ideas from their respective countries. Yesterday the group went on the first study visit to TIME, an upper secondary school in Karlstad that focuses on the use of ICT in education. They met with students, teachers and the vice principal and were able to see examples of how ICT is used in special needs class among other things. The next week the group will go to Stockholm University and the Department of Computer Systems and Sciences to see how they are using ICT in higher education. 

The picture is from the study visit to TIME showing the group memebers together with the students.