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Interview with June Omole from the Renewable Energy Programme 3

The Renewable Energy Programme 2 and 3 ended with a Way Forward Phase in South Africa at the end of 2022. During this phase we took the opportunity to ask a few participants from the programmes about their experiences, learnings and takeaways from the programme.

First out in this interview-thread is June Omole from Kenya and the Renewable Energy Programme (REP) 3.

June Omole from Kenya.

Name: June Omole
Position: System Control Engineer
Organisation: Kenya Power Network, Management Department, National Control Center
Country: Kenya
Programme: Renewable Energy Programme 3

Quote from the interview

What has been your favourite part of the programme and why?

“I liked the networking. I must say that must have been the biggest win for me. First of all even within my country we were able to work as a team with people from different areas in the energy sector, very knowledgeable people, very influential as well. And just interacting with them, I learned a lot from them, from what they do. It gave me a much broader perspective in the energy spectrum. Not only in Kenya, but also from the other countries. I have met people from other countries in Africa and also in Sweden and that is something that I can never replace.”

June Omole, Kenya, REP 3

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If you are interested to learn more about the programme, you are welcome to join our Information Webinar on Thursday February 16 at 09.00-09.40 CET. Read more here.