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Kick-off Meeting for the Project GETA

LIFE Foundation is working on a project called ”Project GETA”. This project is planned to go on for two years and was initiated in January, 2023. The kick-off meeting of the project GETA was held on February 13-14, 2023, hosted by LIFE Foundation in our office here in Karlstad, Sweden.

The meeting gathered leading representatives (Managers) and researchers from partner organisations: University Polytechnic of Marche (UNIVPM) (ITALY), Environmental and Territorial Management Institute (ETMI) (ALBANIA), Regional Education and Information Center for Sustainable Development in SEE (REIC) (BOSNIA) and Municipality of Kavaje – ALBANIA (MOK) (ALBANIA).

In the picture from the left: Kledisa Cela from ETMI, Bahit Bora from Municipality of Kavaje, Blerta Barameta from Municipality of Kavaje, Oscar Kvamme from LIFE Foundation, Meivis Struga from ETMI, Mosé Rossi from UNIVPM, Gabriele Comodi from UNIVPM, Kristina Landfors from LIFE Foundation Lejla Sahacic from REIC and Arijana Suvak from REIC (joining online).

Topics for the meeting aimed to introduce the cooperation, define its key aspects (Management, Quality Assurance, Evaluation, Communication and Dissemination) and plan the detailed tasks and deadlines of the research forming part of the Research Report.

Main goal of the Project GETA is to develop tools and new forms of training schemes to empower youth workers to become energy advisors and train rural youth with a purpose to make a smart energy transition of rural areas. Read more about the Project GETA, here.

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Photos from the Kick-off Meeting