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Material from Alumni Webinar for LEM, WP, EE and REP

This week, on March 16, LIFE Academy arranged a Webinar for LEM, WP, EE and REP Alumni. Here you can find material like presentations and recording from the webinar.

The invited Alumni were participants from:

  • Local Environmental Management (LEM) organised during the period 1995-2006
  • Wind Power Development and Use (WP) organised during the period 2009-2015
  • Energy Efficient Use and Planning (EE) organised during the period 2011-2016
  • Renewable Energy Programme (REP) organised during the period 2019-2024

The purpose of this Alumni Webinar was to:

  • Strengthen the network
  • Share gained experience and lessons learned
  • Discuss possible follow-up activities and prospects for the future
  • Share updates from LIFE Academy and LIFE Alumni

Material from the Webinar

Recording of the Webinar.


  • Presentation by Lucía Marroquin, Mexico, LIFE Alumni from LEM 1998 and a
  • Presentation by Matthew Matimbwi, Tanzania, LIFE Alumni from WP 2010

Video Presentation from Lucía Marroquin

Group Photos from the Webinar