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Onsite Phase – Uganda Renewable Energy Programme

During last week the new programme Uganda Renewable Energy Programme had a phase in Uganda with LIFE Staff, mentors and other experts onsite. This phase included presentations, group work, change project ideas, study visits, networking and more.

After two years of strict travel restrictions due to Covid-19, LIFE Staff were happy to finally be able to arrange a physical phase for learning and networking. Digital workshops has taken us very far, but a mix is especially valuable for networking.

Participants, LIFE Staff, Mentors and Experts outside the first study visit at Uganda Virus Research Institute.

Objectives for the onsite Training

  • Inspire to learn from experts and study visits in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Actively reflect upon challenges and solutions within the energy sector in Uganda
  • Stimulate cooperation and knowledge exchange between the participants and their respective organisations
  • Identify Change Projects (in total around 5 projects) to be implemented as a part of the programme
  • Come together as a group and strengthen the network within the Renewable Energy Sector

Study visits

The group traveled in an electric bus from the Uganda based company Kiira Motors. See picture below!

More Pictures

Participants, LIFE Staff, Mentors and Experts in front of the electric bus from Kiira Motors.
Participants, LIFE Staff, Mentors and Experts outside the hotel.
Participants from the organisation UEGCL (Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd).