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Second Semi-Digital Regional Phase –Renewable Energy Programme (REP) 3

Today was the last day of the third Renewable Energy Programme’s (REP 3) second semi-digital regional phase. The country teams met at hotels in respective countries and we all connected digitally. It has been an intense, productive and fun week with great work from all the teams!

The country teams in REP 3 are from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

To sum up this week with REP 3, they have:

  • Finalised the Project Plan for the Change Project
  • Developed knowledge and skills in Change Management
  • Gotten inspired from experts in the field of RE and EE
  • Stimulated cooperation and knowledge exchange between the participants and their respective organizations
  • They have come together as a group and strengthen the network within the Renewable Energy Programme

Now they are ready for the implementation phase of their Change Projects and we are really excited to follow their progress. Scroll down for pictures of this week.

From Team Ethiopia

From Team Kenya

From Team Tanzania

Team Tanzania walking