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Participants of the Renewable Energy Programme 4 at Glava Energy Center

The participants and upcoming Change Agents from the Renewable Energy Programme (REP) 4 has had their first week of the Swedish Phase. The week has included presentations, workshops and social activities in Karlstad, Sweden. Study visits has also been an important part of the schedule, among these a full day of training at Glava Energy Center.

The Renewable Energy Programme 4 includes 30 participants from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. One of these participants is engineer Jilian Ouko from the electricity grid company Kenya Power. In an article by Helena Edström, Communication Officer at Glava Energy Center, Jilian says the following:

”In Kenya, we need to increase the production of renewable energy, reduce emissions from transport and ensure access to electricity for households outside the electricity grid. We need a smart sustainable energy system to meet the need for both increased renewable electricity production and e-mobility in the transport sector.”

Jilian Ouko, Kenya
Jilian Ouko from Kenya.

The study visit at Glava Energy Center is always an appreciated study visit and this time was no exception. Read the whole article at Glava Energy Center’s website, here.

See more pictures from the study visit at Glava Energy Center below. The second and last week of the Swedish Phase will be spent in Stockholm.

Magnus Nilsson, CEO Glava Energy Center and participants.
Participants at Glava Energy Center.