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Summing up Project GETA 2023

Main goal of the Project GETA (Gaming for Energy Transition of Rural Areas) is to develop tools and new forms of training schemes to empower youth workers to become energy advisors and train rural youth with a purpose to make a smart energy transition of rural areas. The project started in February this year with a kick-off meeting in Karlstad, Sweden, with all project partners. After that a lot of activities and goals have been achieved during this year.

Project GETA Team during kick-off meeting in Karlstad, Sweden.

In the picture from the left: Kledisa Cela from ETMI, Bahit Bora from Municipality of Kavaje, Blerta Barameta from Municipality of Kavaje, Oscar Kvamme from LIFE Foundation, Meivis Struga from ETMI, Mosé Rossi from UNIVPM, Gabriele Comodi from UNIVPM, Kristina Landfors from LIFE Foundation Lejla Sahacic from REIC and Arijana Suvak from REIC (joining online). The project team has changed a bit since the start.

Activities that has been carried out during 2023

Dissemination of Bulletin

Bulletin #1 and Bulletin #2 has been sent out to over 50 people of each project partners’ network in Europe that are working with energy and can benefit from learning more about this project.

International Training Course for Energy Advisors

The International Training Course for Energy Advisors was held in Ancona, Italy, for one week. The scope of the training was to equip youth workers with practical experience on estimating the energy poverty in rural areas through the developed project tool. The young energy advisors that participated in the Training Course in Ancona will be coaches that will lead the local activities in theirs countries. From Sweden, four students participated from Karlstad University. They were joined by 16 other students from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Italy.

Lecture during International Training Course in Ancona.
The participants were engaged in working groups during the training course.

Follow-up meeting with the Swedish students

Follow-up meeting with the Swedish students that participated in the training course in Ancona. During the meeting we discussed the training course and was now expected of the students. How they should work with the Energy Poverty Tool and how to carry out the interviews to get reliable answers from 100 Swedish households regarding their ”energy situation”.

The Swedish students from Karlstad University during follow-up meeting.

The Swedish students completing over 100 interviews

The four Swedish students from Karlstad University carried out over 100 interviews asking citizens of Karlstad about their “energy situation” – when it comes to the cost of energy, their capability of paying electricity bills to how energy efficient they consider their house to be.

The Swedish students carrying out interviews during snow storm.

Interim Meeting in Tirana

All project partners’ representatives met to evaluate project progress so far and discuss future project activities during an Interim two-day meeting in Tirana, Albania. The meeting took place in November 22-23, 2023. Project partners were happy to meet and share ideas for the Project GETA implementation.

GETA Project Team during Interim Meeting in Tirana.

We are looking forward continuing to work with this project during 2024!

Project GETA is supported by the EU Erasmus+ Programme (ERASMUS) and implemented by LIFE Foundation and following partners: UNIVPM (Italy), ETMI (Albania), REIC (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Municipality of Kavaje (Albania). Read more about the project here and visit the Project website here.