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Advanced International Training Programme on Sustainable Business August – October, 2024, with one week visit to Sweden September 22-29.

Programme Description

Target group: Business Leaders and Sustainability Managers in the Private Sector.

This is a high-level international training programme for business leaders who aim to take an active role in the sustainability transformation by learning how to integrate sustainability into core business practices and across the value chain. The private sector has a central role to play in the acceleration of the green transition and sustainability is increasingly becoming recognised as fundamental to future-proofing a business. Companies are experiencing pressure to align their goals and actions with national and global sustainability directives and new regulatory frameworks are adding to the complexity, forcing businesses to comply in order to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

This exclusive training programme offers a highly collaborative learning environment where participants explore and learn from each other and from leading experts in the field of sustainable business. The programme leans on Sweden’s outstanding position in terms of innovation and sustainability leadership, with a long history of groundbreaking companies at the forefront of the green transition. What does the transition mean for businesses? How can economic, social, and environmental sustainability be integrated into business operations, not only into core operations but across all functions?

This training programme aims to create action-oriented, courageous, and competent business leaders who have been provided with the right tools, knowledge, motivation, and networks to confidently lead the sustainability transformation in their companies and industries. A central outcome of the programme is for every participant to create an action plan for how to integrate sustainability into their business.

The Programme in Short

  • 3 months in total
  • 3 online webinars in the introductory phase
  • 1 week programme in Sweden
  • 2 online webinars in the final phase
  • Comprehensive online reading and video material for self-paced studies

General Programme Outline

In the introductory phase participants will get an overview of the state of the climate, the current sustainability regulatory landscape, and the most common sustainability frameworks. Methods and tools for how to measure the sustainability impact of one’s own business operations will be introduced.

The programme includes a week in Sweden where participants will dive deeper into the various aspects of
ecological, social, and economic sustainability from a business perspective. It will be an intense week of networking, exclusive company visits, presentations from leading sustainability experts, collaboration, discussions, and social activities. Participants will continue to work on integrating sustainability into their businesses with the help and guidance of sustainability experts.

The final phase will be a forward-looking phase where the participants work with strategic goal setting, creating a sustainability action plan and practicing sustainability communication to make sure that sustainability is fully implemented.


  • In-house competence about sustainability in business and capacity to integrate sustainability into the company goals and activities.
  • Professional support for overcoming sustainability challenges within the company that will strengthen the company’s impact and credibility in the field of sustainability.
  • Opportunities for collaboration through an extensive international professional network.
  • Increased knowledge of new market opportunities and how to stay on top of opportunities and challenges in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Highly motivated staff capable of leading the sustainability transformation in the company.


  • Increased knowledge and understanding of methods and tools for how to integrate sustainability into business practices in various sectors.
  • Confidence in navigating the complex field of sustainability and keeping up to date with recent developments within sustainable business.
  • Access to an extensive international network of professionals and like-minded sustainability pioneers across the world as a member of the LIFE Alumni network upon completion of the programme.
  • A holistic understanding of opportunities and challenges within sustainable business and practical experience from how to handle them.
  • Leverage to spear head the sustainability transition in your company and expand your skillset.

“This training programme aims to create action-oriented, courageous, and competent business leaders who have been provided with the right tools, knowledge, motivation, and networks to confidently lead the sustainability transformation in their industries.”

Programme Content and Structure

The programme is based on a high level of active participation and collaboration among the participants and employs a mixture of pedagogical methods such as lectures, group work, forum discussions, case studies, study visits, networking and sharing of knowledge.

During the introductory phase participants are introduced to basic sustainability concepts that are the basis of learning throughout the programme. This includes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), Agenda 2030, Planetary Boundaries, Anthropocene, Net Zero, Carbon Law, Triple Bottom Line, Global Compact, new sustainability reporting frameworks like CSRD, the taxonomy and more within the EU’s recent regulations that can affect global companies. Participants are introduced to proven tools and methods for mapping their own company’s footprint by making a materiality analysis with guidance from sustainability experts. The results will be submitted at the end of the phase and used as a basis for the development of an action plan at the end of the programme. We discuss change management and what kind of leadership the sustainability transition requires.

The introductory phase is followed by an exclusive visit to Sweden for an in-depth experience of sustainable business in practice. The week will strengthen networking in the group, deepen learning and expand the opportunity for collaboration with Sweden and Swedish companies. This phase is based on Sweden’s leading position in innovation, sustainable business, and global connectivity.

Sweden is ranked #1 in the Global Sustainability Rating (2022), #2 in the Global Innovation Index (2023), and #4 in the Global Connectivity Index (2022).

The week in Sweden is September 22-29, 2024. In brief the week in Sweden will consist of:


Arrivals to Stockholm and sightseeing.


Focus on framing the week, team building and getting the latest update on the state of the climate and what this means from a business perspective. Workshop on developing sustainability goals and strategies for the participants own businesses based upon the mapping from the initial phase. Social activity and Welcome Dinner.


Focus on sustainability leadership, regenerative systems thinking and learning in nature. We spend the day outside the city embraced in the serene Swedish countryside for a hands-on unique experience of nature-based learning. We learn how to tap into our own values, motivations and potential and use our strengths to our advantage to drive the sustainability transformation.


A Day full of networking, collaboration, and study visits to up to three leading Swedish sustainability companies. Time is also given for pre-arranged individual business meetings with potential collaborating partners in Sweden.


Focus on group coaching and learning from each other and from invited sustainability experts in workshops throughout the day. The evening is devoted to innovation with a visit to the Nobel Prize Museum and a networking activity with selected guests from Swedish companies, business organisations and organisations that support and promote cooperation with Sweden (such as Business Sweden and Swedfund).


A Day dedicated to change management, setting sustainability Key Performance Indexes (KPI’s) and sustainability communication. We end the week with a Concluding Dinner with music and culture.


Sustainability in the daily life’s of the Swedes.


Departures or alternatively extended stay in Sweden at own expense. Why not see the northern lights and pat a reindeer in the north or go kayaking in the archipelago? Or visit one of our neighboring countries, Norway, Denmark, or Finland?

Participants in Sweden from previous LIFE Academy programme.

In the final phase the focus is on gathering all the knowledge and insights from the introductory phase and the visit in Sweden and using it to create a strategic action plan for implementing sustainability in the participants’ companies. The plan should contribute to strategic business development within sustainability and the green transition.

The workshops and learning materials are a continuation of the last day in Sweden and focus on topics such as setting strategic goals, sustainability KPI’s, sustainability communication, change management and how to avoid greenwashing.


Participants who complete the programme will be awarded a diploma. In order to receive a diploma, the following criteria must be met:
a) participation in all phases of the programme,
b) accomplish assignments in due time to the deadlines.

Practical Information


The Sustainable Business Programme will be organised and conducted in English. Fluency in English is therefore required.


Owing to the fact that the Sustainable Business Programme consists of international travels and work away from home in a new environment, good health and full working capacity is conditioned.


In order to participate fully you need internet access and a computer/smart phone. You will be invited to the online Learning Management System “LIFE Network” where you will be required to use certain software to access reading material or video lectures, such as a PDF Reader, Microsoft Power Point presentations, Word, Excel, and YouTube. We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser as we have found that this is the best browser for the platform. For our online webinars we will be using Zoom.


Applications are assessed on individual and organisational merits. Approximately 30 participants will be selected to each batch of the training programme taking into account that the participants bring diversity to the group through their various backgrounds and professional qualifications. Once selected, the participants are required to attend all scheduled parts of the programme.


The programme fee is 4 300 USD and covers full programme training, study visits and expert coaching activities as well as study programme literature, video lectures and documentation. During the week in Sweden the following is covered:

  • Single room accommodation (7 nights).
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning, and afternoon coffee/tea).
  • Local transportation in Sweden.
  • Sightseeing, networking events and social and cultural activities.

Travel to and from Stockholm, Sweden, visa fee and travel and medical insurance are not included in the programme fee and are expected to be arranged and covered by the participant or their employer at own expense.


Participants are responsible for obtaining visa if needed for Sweden Week.


Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel and medical insurance for Sweden Week.


Last date of application is June 2, 2024. Please find the application form by clicking the button below.

The selection starts after the closing date for applications and is expected to be completed a week after the closing date for application. Once the selection has been made, LIFE Academy will contact all applicants. Full payment will be expected to be made by July 1. The programme starts with access to the online learning platform in late August.


For any enquiry or question you may have, please contact us by email on

Download Programme Brochure

Management and Experts in the Programme

The training programme is carried out under the management of LIFE Academy, Karlstad, Sweden. The team of organisers and experts include Swedish and international experts, all with extensive experience within their respective fields. You will among others meet the following.

Bo Gillgren, Managing Director at LIFE Academy

Bo Gillgren has 25+ years of experience of institutional capacity development, being responsible for planning and implementation of many of LIFE Academy’s advanced international training programmes in sustainable development. He has extensive experience of working in various cultures in cooperation projects with strategic partners in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Bo Gillgren’s educational background is in Economics at Stockholm School of Economics with focus on international business and development cooperation.

Sara Jansson, Project Manager & Sustainability Coordinator at LIFE Academy

Sara Jansson is an experienced Project Manager and Process Leader of advanced international training programmes with 10+ years in the field. She has managed programmes with a mixture of key stakeholders from the business-, civil society-, academia-, public-, and financial sector in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Most recently she has been the Process Leader for the Swedish Institute Management Programme for Asia, a high-level sustainable business programme for business representatives wanting to streamline sustainability into their business operations. With a background in Environmental Science she has a thorough understanding of sustainability and has led LIFE Academy’s own work in this area.

Nina Ekelund, Executive Director at Hagainitiativet, Partner and Chairman at Transformity

Nina Ekelund is listed as one of the 100 most powerful people in the field of sustainability in Sweden and is one of Sweden’s leading experts in sustainable business. She is Executive Director of the Haga Initiative – a business network of large companies in Sweden taking leadership for a profitable business sector without negative climate impact. The network consists of companies such as Axfood, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Swedbank, McDonald’s Sverige, Folksam, JM and Preem. Nina Ekelund is also the Founder and Chairman of Transformity and founder of 2050 Consulting, with previous experience from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and Stockholm Resilience Center. More about the Haga Intitiative, here.

Dr. Avit Bhowmik, Environmental Scientist and Climate Solutionist

Dr. Avit Bhowmik is an Environmental Scientist and Lead Modeler at the Exponential Roadmap Initiative. He is actively involved in many high level climate policy processes like UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP) and Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Dr. Avit Bhowmik is author of the 1.5°C Business Playbook – a handbook for business leaders that want to align with the 1.5°C ambition – supported and used by some of the most influential companies in the world with a combined annual revenue of over one trillion dollars. He is Research Director at the Centre for Sustainable Societal Transformation at Karlstad University and is part of the Research Group for the Planetary Boundaries at Stockholm Resilience Center. More about the 1.5°C Business Playbook, here.

Sustainable Business ​Programme during 2024/2025:

  • August – October 2024 with visit to Sweden in September 2024​
  • January – March 2025 with visit to Sweden in February/March 2025

Deadline for application is approximately 6-8 weeks before programme start.

Read more about LIFE Academy, here.

Quotes from LIFE Academy Alumni

”LIFE Academy changed my perspective in appreciation of sustainable development, knowledge that I gained during my stay with them (…). This helped me in putting sustainability into my own business.”

Noel Gabriel, Philippines

”That presentation around climate change that we did, I think changed my view, my purpose in life, just that one session.”

Peter Musinguzi Mwesiga, Uganda

”LIFE Academy is an extraordinary institution leader on environmental topics and sustainable development that promotes human resources of high environmental profile. The course has been one of the most important experiences in my life and has had a great impact on my personal and professional life.”

Lucy Marroquin, Mexico

“I founded my company based on the knowledge and experience gained during the time spent with LIFE Academy. I commend LIFE Academy for continuing to offer lifetime opportunities for everyone.”

Freddy Ntshavheni, South Africa

”I’ve got the best knowledge, experience, and international network I’ve ever had in my life because of LIFE Academy!”

Fasika Minda, Ethiopia

“Great and wonderful life changing experience.”

Bugota Saganda, Tanzania