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Sweden Phase – Renewable Energy Programme 2

Finally! We had the first group of participants in Sweden since the start of Covid-19. It was the lovely group of participants from the Renewable Energy Programme (REP) 2 who came to Sweden, September 19-30. The first week was in Karlstad and the second week in Stockholm, both weeks filled with presentations, workshops, group work, study visits and networking.

Participants, LIFE Staff and Mentors outside Glava Energy Center (Study Visit).

Study Visits

Other Content During the Sweden Phase

  • Change Project Work and Presentations
  • Presentation & Workshop: Making Change Possible
  • Welcome Reception with the Governor of Värmland
  • Introduction to the Swedish Energy System
  • Workshop: Africa Energy Outlook
  • Workshop: Climate Action Summit
  • Sightseeing by Bus in Stockholm
  • Presentation and Workshop: Gender Issues and Energy
  • Presentation and Workshop: Circular Economy
  • Presentation: Sida’s Power Africa Initiative
  • Presentation and Workshop: Anti-Corruption
  • Presentation: Energy Efficiency (EE)
  • Concluding dinner and other social activities!


Study Visit at Glava Energy Center.
Participants exploring the Solar Cooker at Glava Energy Center.
Team Mozambique during boat trip in Karlstad.
Bernadette, Faith, Sheila and Daisy on the boat trip in Karlstad.
Team Zambia (and Zimbabwe in the background) in Stockholm.