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Wind Power Development and Use, WP2013B – Sweden Phase

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On Thursday 3rd October 2013, LIFE Academy passed an important milestone. The very successful ITP (International Training Program) Windpower Development and Use completed its final Swedish phase. The program was held from 9th September to 3rd October, 2013 included participants from different countries of Africa, Asia, Europe presenting their idea for Change Projects. The participants visited various Wind power sites in Sweden – Karlstad, Malmö, Falkenberg, Uddevalla and Denmark to gain first hand knowledge on the technical as well as governance aspects relating to the development of Wind Power plants. The program also included extensive interactions between participants, lecturers and coaches inorder to equip them with the tools and techniques required to implement Change Projects.

In the picture, participants taking part in the training at LIFE Acadamey lecture hall, Kalrstad, Sweden.