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Wonderful Semi-Digital Phase with our REP 1 and REP 2 group!

The LIFE Academy team is leaving the office with big smiles on our faces! During this week we have had our first Semi-Digital Phase ever and we are very happy with the results thanks to a lot of planning and wonderful and ambitious participants from the Renewable Energy Programme (REP) 1 and 2.

The majority of the participants stayed together within their country teams at hotels in respective countries and LIFE Academy arranged a Zoom meeting for us all to connect. The week has been a mixture of presentations, group work, online and off-line and of course some fun energizer (read dancing) and Covid-19-safe social activities.

Some of the final comments in the Zoom-chat from the REP 2 group:

”Thank you for this wonderful semi digital phase, It was really amazing to spend the days with my group and to get in touch will all the participants from other countries. Congratulations for outstanding organization.”

Isac Tsamba, Mozambique

”Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments! We are so happy to start getting to know you and that this has worked so well this far.”

Sara Jansson, LIFE Academy

”Thank you the life academy, the organizer, mentors and all participants. You could manage the program very well regardless of many challenges.”

Eyasu Solomon, Ethiopia

”Thank you so much Sara. You are amazing. The coordination, logistics…just playing in the background, making sure that all was in order for us. We appreciate you. And Louise. Ana Karin, Matthew, Kristina and Karin. We are at a loss for words. And my fellow Africans, I appreciate you.”

Frank Tinarwo, Zimbabwe

”It has been a marvelous time to share a huge experiences from different corners. Big congratulation for the organizers.”

Edetrude Zenda, Tanzania

”Had a great time with you guys, loved and learned every single moment. Big up to you all! thank you LIFE academy, organizers and presenters for making this happen, cheers!”

Sayuni Mbwilo – Tanzania