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Certification Ceremony for the Sustainable Project Management Programme in Cambodia

On Saturday May 21 the participants from the LSi Business School in Cambodia finished their Sustainable Project Management (SPM) programme with a Certification Ceremony. The now certified participants are mid-level staff from the business sector in Cambodia and the Lecturer of the programme has been Dr Carl Göran (CG) Larsson, Project Management Expert.

LSi is a business school at university level and integrates sustainability in their teaching. Mr Hem Bonarin, a LIFE Alumni from LIFE Academy´s training program on “ICT and Pedagogical Development” 2016C is the Director of the school.

This collaboration between LIFE and LSi is a good example of possibilities for tailor making programmes to the specific needs of the customers. Read more about the SPM programme and LSi Business School in Cambodia here.

The programme participants at the Certification Ceremony.