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LIFE Schools ceremony for Sundsta-Älvkullen

Recently the upper secondary school Älvkullen became Sundsta-Älvkullen when the two schools merged. Älvkullen has been a LIFE School since 2019, the first LIFE School in Sweden. Today a ceremony was held to show that the whole school is actively working with sustainable development and therefore is a certified LIFE School.

Magnus Köpman, LHU-Coordinator and teacher, Ingrid and Ingrid, students and LIFE Schools ambassadors next to Sara Jansson from LIFE Academy.

The ceremony included raising the LIFE Schools-flag at the new school and saying a few words about the goals and engagement of the school and from LIFE Academy. The concept of LIFE Schools builds upon engaging management, teachers, school staff and learners to work with Sustainable Development and Agenda 30. At the moment about 10 students are involved as ambassadors for LIFE Schools and they have already had great sustainable ideas for students. We are proud and happy to continue our collaboration with Sundsta-Älvkullen upper secondary school and wish them a great success.

Having LIFE School certification is a quality stamp for schools to show that they are working with Sustainable Development.

A LIFE School is a school that:

  • Is certified by LIFE Academy.
  • Integrates sustainable development as a holistic approach to include environmental, social and economic issues in school activities, teaching and learning.
  • Engages management, teachers, staff and learners in the implementation of education for sustainable development.
  • Is based on a learner-centered pedagogical approach to encourage active learning.

Contact us if you like to know more about LIFE schools. You can read more about LIFE Schools here.