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This is a basic Project Management training designed for those who want to develop in their role as a Project Manager and also learn how to integrate Sustainability practices in Project Management methods. 

The Objective of the Programme

The objective of the program is to train anyone involved in Project Management and/or Sustainability to be able to plan, implement and complete projects taking into account the three P’s of Sustainability – People, Planet and Profit.

Who Should Participate?

The training programme is relevant for anyone who works with projects in different industries i.e; Project Managers, team members, Steering group members, etc. Anyone who wants to increase their ability or knowledge of working with projects and executing the same with sustainability in focus are welcome to apply for the training.

Project Management with Focus on Sustainability

This is the first training of its kind that merges established methods and tools for Project Management with Sustainability practices, giving the participant practical skills for implementing projects in a sustainable way. The training is unique in its focus on using Sustainability in the processes of Project Management, and not just in the end result of a project. 

A Project Manager is someone who applies specific knowledge and skills to make sure that a defined set of project activities are implemented in order to meet the needs and expectations of the project receiver. In order to fulfill the requirements of the project, there is a need to balance the parameters of Scope, Time, Cost, and Sustainability. Furthermore, there is a need to take into account the different requirements of different stakeholders, as well as defined and undefined requirements.

Project Management also calls for applying leadership skills and coaching techniques in order to align the project team for reaching the project goal.

The LIFE Academy Sustainable Project Management training aims at providing you with tools to reach your project goal in a sustainable way. 

The set-up

This training can be tailor made to the specific needs of an organisation, but it is also given as an open training ranging from 3-5 days. During the training the participants will execute a complete project from the evaluation of project ideas to the writing of the final report. Focus will be on the Project organisation (structure, roles and responsibilities) and the phases and the knowledge areas of Project Management. Sustainability methods and tools will be addressed across all the knowledge areas. During the entire training theory and exercises will be mixed and a complete project will be carried out. The participants will take on roles as Project Managers and project participants.

If you want to learn more about the programme you are more than welcome to contact us.