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Application open for new Sustainable Energy Systems Programme

We have launched our new Sustainable Energy Systems Programme and application is now open for the first round. Participants from any country are invited to apply for our short and intensive advanced training programme on sustainable energy systems. The programme runs from September – November, 2024, and includes five online training sessions and one week training phase in Sweden in mid-October.

The programme is self-financed, which means that the participant or his/her organisation is responsible for funding of the programme. Last date of application is August 5, 2024.

Target group: High level decisions makers working in energy companies or in Ministries.

Programme Description

This is a high-level international training programme for decisions makers working in energy companies or in Ministries who aim to take an active role in the sustainability transformation by learning how to integrate sustainability into the policy making process.

Decision makers working in the energy area in each country have a crucial role to play in the acceleration of the green energy transition. Choosing sustainable energy systems is more important than ever and increasingly becoming recognized as the only path for future.

Countries and societies are experiencing pressure to align their goals and actions with national and global sustainability directives and new regulatory frameworks are adding to the complexity, forcing energy companies and ministries to comply in order to keep up with a rapidly changing world.

This exclusive training programme offers a highly collaborative learning environment where participants explore and learn from each other and from leading experts in the field of sustainable energy systems. The programme leans on Sweden’s outstanding journey of innovation and sustainable leadership, with a long history of groundbreaking decisions leading towards the green transition in society we see today.

The programme will cover crucial issues for a country’s future development. This includes seeking the answers to the following questions: What does the green transition mean for a society and for a country? How can a sustainable energy system contribute to economic, social, and environmental sustainability?

This training programme aims to create action-oriented, courageous, and competent decisions makers who, during the programme, will be provided with tools, knowledge, motivation, and networks to confidently initiate the sustainability transformation of their energy system.

A central outcome of the programme is for every participant to create a draft to a roadmap for how to
integrate/start the transition towards a sustainable energy system in their country.

The Programme in Short

  • 3 months in total
  • 3 online webinars in the introductory phase
  • 1 week programme in Sweden
  • 2 online webinars in the final phase
  • Comprehensive online reading and video material for self-paced studies
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About the LIFE Academy Self-Financed Programmes

It is time for a new phase of LIFE Academy´s vision and activities. We have launched the opportunity for participants from any country to take part in our short and intensive advanced training programmes at own financing for the participant and his/her organisation. All with the mission of LIFE Academy to contribute to sustainable development.

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