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Training programmes

The key focus areas and expertise of LIFE is in the field of Sustainable Development and we have long experience of working in areas including Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Pedagogy, Environmental- and Project Management.

We have also focused on development in the educational sector and have developed certification for schools that want to improve their work with sustainability. As one of the first organisations in the world, we have also, developed a training in Sustainable Project Management that gives practical tools for how to implement sustainability in projects.

Contact us for customised training programmes to suit your business needs. Read more about our current, and previous, training programmes below as well as collaborations. 

Quotes from LIFE Alumni

John Mary Odoy from Uganda participated in LIFE Academys Local Enviroment Management in 2002 where he participated in a month-long course in Sweden. Almost 20 years later he says: 

”My time at LIFE Academy was life changing! LIFE Academy deepened my understanding and love for environmental matters and has made me grow functionally. I took charge of the environment desk at a national faith based organisation and I have caused local communities to love and plant trees, manage land and be food secure. I am currently chairman of a network of over 200 organisations working on Climate change and environmental matters and I have also had the opportunity to attend and make contributions at international conferences. All my best regards to LIFE Academy!”